Private and Group Classes


In-Person, WebCam or Phone Consultations and Classes designed to help you meet your highest potential as a Lifestyle or Pro Domme.

Lifestyle Mistress: Dominating In The Bedroom

The Dominatrix Arts: Professional World Domination

All Private Classes are By Appointment:

     Phone, Webcam or In Person in Los Angeles, Manhattan and anywhere I travel   Fee: 150/hr

Private Classes with Simone Typically Follow This Path:

- Initial Assessment

Start with a phone consult or if you are local to Los Angeles, we can meet over coffee to discuss your questions, options and to see if you feel that I can be helpful  to you.  I want you to feel comfortable with me before we begin this exciting journey together. 

  1. -Play Partner Specifics Gathered

Whether you are a Pro or Lifestyle Domme the type of clients or play partners you seek/draw will influence what skills are incorporated into classes. 

- Personally Tailored Lesson Plan

I will present you with a written Lesson Plan suggesting the classes I think will help you to meet your goals.  Together we will decide what makes sense for you to study, how and in what order.

- Domme Persona Development

An integral part of advancing your Domme skills is polishing how you present yourself and becoming more of the Goddess that you already are.  I will assess your strengths and weaknesses and give you specific pointers on how to improve.

- Classes

I teach classes on all aspects of BDSM play from beginner to advanced including safety and technique focusing on Verbal and Psychological skills.

Protégé Apprenticeship


Casual, supportive  and comfortable allowing you to feel free to make mistakes which is the best way to learn!


Classes progress from light to heavy play, building on previous skills and introducing progressive Verbal and Psychological aspects.  We stay on each topic until you are ready to advance.


Each topic takes 4 hours.  2 hours of technique with a written outline,  followed by 1.5 hours practicing the skills on a demo model.  I find it best for you to practice on someone other than your play partner so you can let down your guard, make mistakes, and get invaluable feedback from the practiced bottoms I choose for their ability to take unpracticed hits, and ability to express their experience about submitting to you in a way that is actually helpful.  But this is up to you and play partner to decide.  Finally, we sit down together for .5 hour of my specific feedback  and suggestions on how to improve.  I encourage you to ask questions throughout. 



Depending on the toys and equipment necessary for the class, we meet at my studio or an exclusive private, clean, well-appointed professional dungeon allowing access to an incredible toy collection and bondage furniture, anything needed for advanced play.   Dungeon time requires an extra fee for the rental.

- Optional Extras:

I can set up appointments for you with other BDSM-experienced professionals to polish your look, complete your fetish wardrobe and acquire essentials for your toy collection.

    Makeup - Professional make-up artists who know how to make you look like a Domme and can advise you on what to buy and how to apply it.

    Hair - Hair stylist who understands BDSM looks can perfect your cut and color, then teach you how to style it yourself.

    Wardrobe - A friendly knowledgeable salesperson will help you select the items we decide together are needed to maximize your fetish wardrobe.

    Toys - I can recommend to you what to buy and where online or at a store where I can even set up a meeting with helpful salesperson.

  1. -Field Trips:

I also guide my students on journeys into the world of BDSM using my connections and knowledge to provide access to BDSM experiences with me by their side.  Here is what a student said about our field trip “One of my most cherished memories is when Simone took another one of her apprentices and me to DomCon as a "guide," introducing us to many other players and explaining the in's and out's of the scene.” - Mistress Kaila Yi

  1. -Students from Out of Town

Many of my students make a special trip to study with me in an intensive line-up of classes over a period of days.  I help them with planning an incredible trip and scheduling any field trips to add while they here to facilitate their exciting sojourn of self-exploration.

The beauty of Private Classes is that each woman’s journey is individually designed so no two pathways are the same!  Begin your private classes with by writing me an email at Simone -AT-

I Offer Three Tracks of Study:

Learn powerful skills to Dominate in the bedroom and beyond.  Enjoy the luxury of having a willing servant at your beck and call!  Being a Lifestyle Mistress means you can get whatever you want, whenever you want...if you know how.

Topics include: Verbal Skills, Sensual & Sexual Domination, Long Distance Control, Domestic Service, Owning & Keeping Submissives, Slave Training, Roleplay, Foot Worship, Using Fetishes to Your Advantage, The Psychology of BDSM, Stepping into the Role of Domme, and more.

I have taught many women How To Be A Professional Dominatrix by emparting powerful skills to complete novices, Lifestyle Mistresses who want to go pro, and Dommes already working who want to polish their skills in the traditional way by studying with an experienced Mentor.  I have a proven track record of taking many ProDommes to the World-Class level.

Topics include: Session Structure and Engineering, Verbal Skills: What to Say, Why and When, Psychological Secrets, The Business of Domination, Domme Persona, Drawing & Keeping Clients, Safety plus much more.

My method is to teach all the Classic Scenes that clients request from the Lightest to Heaviest, weaving in Domme Persona, Verbal and Psychological Skills throughout so that when you have completed my series of classes you will be poised to take on any type of session you choose with confidence and skill.  Classic Scenes include: Bondage, Worship, Corporal, Flogging, Sensation Play, Roleplay, CrossDressing, Medical, Sensory Deprivation, Suspension, Humiliation and more.

In addition to technique I teach and assist in Branding through Image Development & Naming, Website Writing & Design Advice, Marketing, Advertising & Publicity and more.  I can also make Introductions to BDSM experienced Makeup Artists, Photographers, and others professionals.  I’ve learned the hard way how important it is to work with image professionals who are experienced in the unique aspects that fetish brings to the project.  I am also very experienced in Dungeon Design and who to hire to build your PlaySpace. 

If you choose I can help with every aspect of your career from the beginning to advanced levels.

After completing The Dominatrix Arts series of courses, a select few of my ProDomme students are invited to continue on with me as their Mentor in a formal Dominatrix Apprenticeship following the traditional path of training that I have passed on to my many Top Domme Protégés.  I am proud to say that every Domme I have mentored on this level has gone on to have a very successful career as a World-Class Dominatrix.


Powerful Skills


“There’s no one else out there, offering classes, that could give her students such a holistic, psychological education.” 

                                                                                                 - Domina M


DommeCraft Weekend Immersion Courses Levels 1, 2 & 3

20-hour immersion course to take your Domination skills to the next level by strengthening your connection with the Domme within every woman.  BDSM technique will be presented and hands on experience provided with the focus on How To Dominate using Psychological and Verbal skills.

Fee $1200      More Info & Registration at



     Become A Dominatrix - Level 1  * April 13,14,15

     Become A Dominatrix - Level 1  * June 8,9,10

     Develop The Dominatrix - Level 2 * Sept 14,15,16

     Evolve The Dominatrix - Level 3 * Oct 19,20,21


    Become A Dominatrix - Level 1  * July 20,21,22

    Become A Dominatrix - Level 1  * Nov 9,10,11

    Develop The Dominatrix - Level 2  * Nov 16,17,18

Verbal Domination Levels 1,2 3 & 4

Series of four 4-hour Classes on what to say and how to effectively talk during BDSM play with calculated purpose to establish, maintain and control submission while crafting fantastic BDSM journeys.  Learn and practice tried and true skills to verbally dominate and get the results you want, with just your voice.

Upcoming Dates:

     Verbal Domination Skills - RolePlay, Level 4 - Downtown Los Angeles * March 31 12-4pm $200

Group Classes bring together a small number of Lifestyle and Pro Dommes for Skills, Support and Sisterhood.  Topics cover Beginning to Advanced powerful skills with an emphasis on Verbal and Psychological aspects, followed by a hands-on lab to try out and perfect the technique along with individual attention and feedback.