About Simone Justice

My name is Simone Justice, I teach effective technique and insightful knowledge about How To Dominate that I’ve utilized as both a Lifestyle BDSM Dominant and Professional Dominatrix to create intense D/s bonds and fantastic BDSM play experiences.  I’ve been teaching powerful skills to Dommes in private and group classes for over 15 years.

I focus on the verbal and psychological aspects of domination as these are my passions, my strengths and what I consider the most important aspects of Domination.  I hold a Master’s Degree in Psychology and experience in the field which informs my approach to BDSM and my teaching style.  I create a safe, supportive environment and assist in delving into the psyche to access, explore, and elevate your Dominant Nature.

DommeCraft Group and Private lessons are an intensive combination of in-depth information and a hands-on experiential workshop.  Some of my students prefer the individualized curriculum and privacy of courses I tailor to their specific needs, talents and personality.  Others want the supportive and validating experience of group classes.  I offer an immersion weekend group course several times a year in Los Angeles and New York.

My students range from novices to experienced players, learning skills for personal to professional play.  I enjoy empowering women new to BDSM to explore intimate play with their partner, I find it very rewarding to be a catalyst the exciting changes in relationships and self-image that come with beginning to experiment with BDSM.

Powerful Skills



Because I was mentored by a Legendary Dominatrix who took me under her wing, I honor my teacher by being a mentor to ProDommes.  All of the Mistresses I have trained have flourished in their career, currently five of my protégés are among the top Dominatrices in the world.

There are many great classes, books and videos for learning BDSM skills in bondage, spanking, roleplay, corporal, etc.  What I teach is not only how to play with skill, but how to dominate, which encompasses much more than is taught in a class focusing only on a specific type of play.

I assist in bringing out the inner Dominant and helping women to get comfortable in the Domme role - so they can feel confident being in charge of BDSM play.

I teach how to put it all together, in your own way, to manifest your dream scene and meet your submissive’s specific needs while satisfying your own desires.

Becoming a Domme is embodying your own unique inner Dominant.  I can assist you in discovering and developing this aspect of yourself to reach your full potential.

Immerse yourself in the world of BDSM Femdom in a beautifully appointed dungeon.  Gain the understanding and experience you need to step into the role of Mistress with confidence and live out your fantasies!

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